Unlock Your Voice, Unleash Your Soul: Transformative Singing Course for Spiritual Awakening!

Discover the hidden power of your voice in a course that goes beyond singing, leading you on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual connection.

Here's what you'll learn in this 

Free 3-Part Masterclass Series

Introduction to the Ancient Indian Raga Music 
The Indian system of vocal exercises that you can start working on immediately to build your voice and your musical ear 
Two ancient chants that awaken and strengthen your voice and how to practice them effectively
The 5 elements needed to achieve vocal mastery 
How breath can supercharge the sound that we produce and how to connect the breath to our sound and to the centre of our being

An Indian Raga Singing Course for Transformation

Sing Better, Feel Better, Live Better

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Indian Raga Music and discover the divine language that can harmonize your soul and elevate your spiritual practice.
Unleash the full potential of your voice and witness a ripple effect of positive transformation across every facet of your life.
Break free from the chains of limiting beliefs as you embark on a transformative singing journey that empowers you to confidently share your authentic voice with the world.
Dive into the therapeutic depths of singing, liberating your emotions and cultivating a healing harmony that resonates within and beyond.
Shatter the chains holding back your voice, experiencing a liberating journey that propels you to new heights of vocal expression and personal freedom.
Open your voice for speaking, self expression and charisma. Your voice is a reflection of your personality and your soul; awaken it and others can feel the "true you".
Overcome and heal emotional blocks 
Learn a 5000 year old traditional system for understanding and internalizing melody, music and rhythm
Become a better singer, musician, performer and teacher
Feel a surge of confidence, empowerment, and a newfound belief in your ability to express yourself vocally


"I wanted to find a sense of expression through music for a while. Prosad has been able to guide me deep into spirituality through the tradition of Indian music. Drawing from his vast knowledge of musical styles and instruments from various cultures and traditions as needed, I'm always left inspired to beautify and deepen my practice after each session with Prosad. Very grateful for this opportunity!" ~ Kashi Abbas
"Having Prosad as a music teacher is such a gift. I have always enjoyed music but not been able to commit to learning about it. Prosad ignited that hidden fire inside of me and I am very grateful for that. Learning music with Prosad is a spiritual journey. I would strongly recommend him to anyone who is wanting to explore their hidden talents or heal through the practice of music." ~ Lin Chen
Over time not expressing myself through my voice has led to a closed off heart and tight throat. This has been sound healing on a soul and spiritual level for me as well. I feel an opening and expansiveness in my spirit that may have been asleep for many years, and I am left feeling more creative, confident, and inspired. ~ Rachel McKnight

 A Transformative Singing Journey!

  About Prosad Freeman: 

Prosad Freeman is a professional musician, singer and meditation teacher on a mission to empower individuals through the transformative magic of music and sound. With over two decades of experience in both Western and Indian musical traditions, he has crafted a unique approach to singing that delves into the spiritual essence of Indian Raga Music while simultaneously building proper vocal technique to allow for true confidence and self-expression. 

Prosad has toured and performed in over twenty countries around the world, composed for Hollywood films and performed to a stadium of 50,000 people in Bangladesh. He has recorded and produced ten albums of original music and plays almost any instrument he can get his hands on.

Prosad has spent a lifetime studying meditation and music with Himalayan Master, Tulshi Sen, author of Ancient Secrets of Success. He has also spent the last twenty two years studying sitar and raga music with various masters, including Alam Khan, son of the legendary sarode maestro, Ali Akbar Khan Sahib.

His passion is to inspire and guide people in finding their authentic voice and following their dreams.

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